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Try before you buy with South East Labels

South East Labels (SEL), the West Sussex label provider, now allows customers to try out products before purchasing them. This marketing initiative allows interested buyers to test the quality of a product before finalising a purchase.

Storeowners are often hesitant to upgrade their labelling systems, because there is no guarantee that a newer system will be more expedient. This leaves cashiers with out-dated scanners and verifiers that rarely scan on the first attempt.

Annoyed customers are then forced to stand in long queues waiting for the faulty system to register a reading – a problem most evident in grocery stores where it’s possible for a single customer to purchase over 100 items, which must each be scanned individually.

SEL’s “try before you buy” approach to labelling products removes the risk of upgrading to a system that’s incompatible with a storeowner’s needs. If storeowners are unhappy with the quality of a product, then they can try another or simply retain the system that they have.

When it comes to label manufacturers UK companies rarely offer such a transparent approach to sales. But the people at SEL are confident that their products work, and they express this belief by allowing potential buyers to try new items.

It is likely that more label companies will follow SEL’s lead in the near future. Customers like to know what they are buying, and this is especially relevant when the efficiency of their businesses is at stake.

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South East Labels Re-Launches Cryogenic Label Line

South East Labels has recently decided to re-launch its cryogenic and anti-microbial label line that features improvements and cost reductions. This cryogenic label line has been specially designed for use under research and medical conditions that require exposure to the cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen. Cryogenic and Anti-Microbial Labels.

South East Labels Re-Launches Cryogenic Label Line

South East Labels has featured cryogenic labels in its product line for some time. These are special labels that use special adhesives and materials that can sustain adherence to surfaces at the freezing cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen. Now is the time for a re-launch of its cryogenic line with an upgraded production process and new materials that allow them to offer new anti-microbial features.

The labels are traditionally supplied on rolls for use with thermal transfer printing devices although they can also be used on sheets in regular laser printers if a thermal printer is not available. Labels are frequently used on plain or pre-printer formats and can be supplied in any size and shape according to the individual specifications of the customer. For the latter, the company offers top-of-the-line machines that can take care of producing quality print jobs: the print-head resolution range for these machines is from 200 – 600 dots per inch (the latter particularly useful when high definition or very small text prints are required).

Innovation: Anti-Microbial Material

One of the most important selling points in this new line of cryogenic labels is the incorporation of anti-microbial material in the production process. This innovative material is based on the silver ion technology and has been developed to specifically target the needs of the pharmaceutical sector, though it is clear that it can solve the operational needs of any sector that requires hygienic labelling. The new material allows the company to produce labels that actively inhibit the growth of bacteria which, in turn, minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. So far, the material has boasted a very promising 99.99% effectiveness in inhibiting the growth of a wide range of harmful bacteria and funghi, including the likes of MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella.

The Company: South East Labels

South East Labels is a company, with over 20 years of experience, that produces and distributes labels, barcode labels for barcode printing, digital printers, ribbons, label printers, security and asset-tracking labels, scanners, verifiers and more to a wide variety of industries.

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A Great Label Printer for a Great Price

Every month, South East Labels runs an office special. This month it is the new Image printer, the Image TTP245 Plus Series Printer. It is an improved version of their best-selling TTP245 Series printer. For those looking to update their barcode printing systems, this printer would be a great addition.

A Great Label Printer for a Great Price

This enhanced electronic printer has a 2MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM and an SD card slot. In addition, it comes equipped with a flash drive and an internal Ethernet LAN interface that allows for easy network installation, and all of this at an affordable price – the whole package costs just £385.

The TTP245 Plus Series Printer comes with full installation software, like those related to print job management and data storage. It is 100% WYSIWYG and can be compatible with multiple printer languages like TSPL, ZPL, and EPL which allow emulation with Zebra and Eltron. Best of all, the printer inks labels at a rate of 127mm per second.

With such easy storage capability and internet capacity, this printer will make all labelling jobs a breeze and at such an affordable price, it is a must have for businesses that require barcodes.

Barcode printers and their barcode labels have become an essential part of management programmes for competitive and successful businesses, assisting them in being able to keep track of deliveries, purchases and store room inventory. The sticky labels can be the difference between a well-run business and a business plagued with time-consuming tracking bumps.

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